Thursday, November 18, 2004

Israeli gunmen accidentally murder egyptian instead of "taking out" potential "palestinian evil doer".

Foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev said it appeared the soldiers spotted “suspicious movements” in the volatile border area, opened fire and mistakenly killed Egyptian soldiers. Seems the "rules of engagement" - or rather "times you can kill whoever the fuck you want" have deemed the "volatile border area - or any place palestinians live" as a free fire zone - shoot anything that moves , say it was 'suspicious' later. Nothing new, just rare that it was reported. Perhaps extending the murder outside the military zone of press censorship made it harder to conceal. oops. we meant to kill palestinians without knowing for sure who they were, not egyptians.

good goddess the news coming from this county i live in is embarassing. sure, maybe half of us aren't crazy. maybe even some folks who voted for bush were either just coked up or fell for his ploy of gripping fear and loathing of foreigners, or believed that the gays will destroy the institution of serial hetrosexual marriage/divorce - the anarchists will boil the children alive - and god only knows what us gay anarchists will do. they may still be able to full live productive lives, despite their mental handicap.

And gee, the military might be sorry for leaving wounded prisoners of war laying on the ground for a day , then shooting at least one of them in the head. And this is what they were willing to do on camera. but you can believe the embedded reporters when they claim that no civilians were harmed in the assault on the major population center of Fallujah. after all, anyone still left in the city after threatened with death by their benefactors if they remained behind deserved what they got. international legal constraints and war crimes conventions are for pussies. the U.S. will do whatever the fuck they want, and expect you to thank them for liberating your kids, parents, siblings and neighbors from their limbs or life. gotta destroy the country to save it.