Saturday, January 28, 2006

Call for Bush to Disarm and Renounce Violence

bush is called upon to renounce violence and disarm.
as george said, "I know you know you can't be a partner in peace if you have, if your party has got an armed wing,". elections "are not a whitewash for terror".

Sunday, January 08, 2006

would you be an unlawful combattant?

so. for those in the us, if something happened and the u.s. no longer dominated the world military scene to the point that an armed attack lasting more than a day would even be contemplated
- even if you weren't a member of the official armed forces- and some fuckers came rolling thru your development snatching up some guys between the ages 14 and 50, shooting others, bombing main street in ravenna and front campus at ksu because there were military installations there - but using 2 tons of precision guided' ammunition each time, taking out a large residential areas - would you consider resisting the occupying forces to protect your neighborhood? if the occupiers attacked the vfw hall` bombed the ohio edison offices, "took out" the akron canton airport and inadvertantly 1/2 the population of green township and "accidentally" destroyed davey high school at lunch time and carpet bombed downtown columbus - if the standard of justice the u.s. feels justified in imposing on the rest of the world are followed you best just learn to sit still and open wide.

any resistance is a war crime , and according to bush justice, the fact that you were ever suspected of a crime proves you are guilty and subject to be jailed til the endless war comes to an end without ever being charged. or maybe you could just die during torture.

see - whatever those with the most power want to do is legal by definition. anything that impinges on their ability to do whatever they wish to do is a crime.
or maybe someone down the street would like you gone. just tell someone you're trouble and you're gone probably forever.