Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hey, all you parents with children in cheerleading squads- heads up- it isn't a big deal if the coach forces your kids to strip naked and lay ontop of eachother while he takes pictures. They do it all the time, and it doesn't hurt them, right? If your kid complains that he or she is stripped naked and dragged around the gym wearing a dog collar, don't worry. It's harmless. Tied to the goalpost and beaten? No worry. Coach sticks their head under water til they think they will drown? Hell, it's a long standing tradition- called a swirly ! They must have done something thing to deserve it. Electric shock? Builds character !

And hey all you administrators - if you're closet pedophiles and ask the coach to produce some "info" or pictures of a pile of naked cheerleaders or other sadistic porn shots, don't worry - it will be the coaches ass on the line if word gets out.

God bless america, and damn all the trial lawyers except those who can save your ass.