Saturday, June 29, 2013

so the anti gay groups are using the

so the anti gay groups are using the mark regnerus study to lie again.  and this time it is obvious that the authors really have no idea how to interpret data, and/ or are counting on their readers to have no idea how ridiculous their assertions are.   Bryan Fischer of the american family ass. pretends that the new family structure study was proven to be a great piece of research and all true - rather than the University of Texas simply finding no overt misconduct as defined in their handbook, but that

Whether the research designed and conducted by Prof Renerus and reported in Social Science Research possessed significant limitations or was even perhaps seriously flawed is a determination that should be left to debates that are currently underway in the academy and future research the validates or invalidates his findings.

Somehow, Mr.Fischer comes up with the notion that the Regnerus study proves that gays and lesbians parents are dangerous - most likely molesting their children, or at least somehow causing someone else to molest their children.  Putting aside the FACT that the study did not look at lesbian or gay parents - we'll play lets pretend it did.  what does the data actually say ?  For one thing, it does not ask who forced themselves on the respondent, where it happened, when it happened.  This study also is not generalizable to the larger population - you can't look at the results and make claims about the population of the United States.  It is designed to be used by propagandists speaking to people who have little or no knowledge of how to read data results.  People like Fischer- who claims that children who have gay fathers are molested at 300% the rate of children of heterosexuals, based on a sample size of 73 people in a deeply flawed "study".  The study does not  look at gay fathers in the first place, but even if the data could be trusted, the table below shows the actual comparison between those reporting a non-hetero parental romantic relationship and those saying they were not aware of any such thing.  It in no way "proves" that a parent's sexual orientation causes the child to be molested, as Fischer claims.


The other ridiculous claims are addressed in a previous post as well as by numerous serious professional researchers.


Using the worthless dataset in the same manner as the american family ass. does, the following must be true about the U.S. population.

20% of the population has never masturbated

63% of the population is female

only 3% of the population has ever been divorced

a 20 year old in the study has 15 children

0.2% of the population is widowed