Thursday, March 02, 2006

Homophobic Telemarketing Strikes Again

I hadn't heard of these folks before, but got an email from a friend last night - seems they've been harrassing folks for fun and profit for some time now. an autotelemarketer asks for you to press 1 if you want to stop same sex marriage, if you press 1 your sent to United American Technologies so they can sell you phone service. Profits are then used to fund various right wing agendas, like convincing people that god hates fags.

if anyone wants to call and help keep their staff busy fielding questions instead of making outgoing calls, the number is below.

another writeup on the folks can be found

message from a friend...

Dear Friends,

I was very upset when I came home this evening to find an anti-gay
message on my answering machine. The message included lies about gay
people and said that same-sex marriage will destroy the family. The
message said, "If you want to stop same-sex marriage, press 1!" I
waited for the message to end, and then I pressed star 69 to get the
number. It was 877-266-6277. I called the number back, and the
people said, "National Organization to Stop Same-Sex Marriage." I
told them what I thought. One man told me that according to the
Bible, God hates gays. I told him that I do not want this bigoted
group calling my home ever again.

I am so upset by this, I am still shaking. I would urge people to
phone the number and tell these people what you think, but that's
entirely up to you. Perhaps it's better to ignore them. I don't know
if they are Fred Phelps' group or not. But it was awful to hear this
message in my home.
We have tracked down the group that left the anti-gay message on my
answering machine. They are a phone and internet company that
markets to conservative "Christians" and gives money to right-wing
political candidates. They are called United American Technologies.
When you go to the news page on their website, you get the picture:

This is "Christian" marketing with an anti-gay focus. What a
caring "Christian" thing to do.......make profit and raise money for
right-wing candidates by attacking a minority group and appealing to
people's prejudice. I'm sure Jesus would be thrilled.

This company is not just anti-gay; they fund the right-wing
politicians that we are working against.

another writeup on the folks can be found