Thursday, January 19, 2012

american family ass. endorses serial adultery and fornication

don wildmon from the hate group american family association endorses serial adulterer and fornicator newt gingrich. because "protecting the family" and "traditional marriage" are important enough to traumatize children and deny tax paying citizens equality, but are not at all important for those running the government to actually believe or live. screw as many women as you want newt, just make sure those homos don't ruin marriage and society.

& never mind the fraud and ethics violations or racist bs coming from this elite ruling class blowhard.
"It is AFA’s goal to be a champion of Christian activism.  If you are alarmed by the increasing ungodliness and depravity assaulting our nation, tired of cursing the darkness, and ready to light a bonfire, please join us.  Do it for your children and grandchildren."   about afa from their website.

"Newt Gingrich recognizes the threat to our country posed by judges and lawyers imposing values upon the country inconsistent with our religious heritage, and has proposed constitutional steps to bring the courts back in balance under the constitution,” Wildmon said in announcing his endorsement today.         Rev. Donald Wildmon Endorses Gingrich

Friday, January 13, 2012

eat the rich

well you know it doesn't make me feel better to hear
that along with his new orders for the world
the president has said that no one in russia will starve this year
and you know it doesn't make me feel any better
that somewhere on the corner of wall street and the 5th street park
in between the soup line and the presidential yacht
i lost a friend
leaning on the sidewalk there, he lost himself

well he said, i'm not feeling much better today
i'm starting to feel crushed and i got nowhere to go
used to feel that someday i'd be able to get home
now i just feel beat
well you know it was the last time that i saw him
it was starting to get cold, he'd stopped talking 'bout a home
somewhere in the night was when he left the world alone
next morning the city crew took in another john doe

so you know it doesn't make me feel any better to hear about
an evening in the banquet hall at a thousand bucks a plate
a hundred rich white men all sitting round talking about just how great this country is
but they can't say that no one in hillcrest will starve this year

so you know it doesn't make me feel any better to hear
that along with his new orders for the world the president has said
that no one in russia will starve this year
when he can't even say that no one in cleveland will starve this year
no one in dc will starve this year
no one in kent will starve this year....

copyright sue jeffers 1993 & 2002
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who the hell is eugene delgaudio and what mental facility is he residing in?

i have been getting emails for a bit now from an unhinged homohater with delusions of grandeur and a persecution complex.  i'm not sure how i got on the list, but it has been an interesting slew of paranoia laced anti-gay rants attached to the ever present fundraising pleas.

following a claim that obama was going to denounce him personally (somehow proving how important it is you send him money) the latest email proclaims that the dirty homos forced the military to change the rules so they can bugger the local livestock.   following the assertion that the "radical homosexual lobby" is so powerful it can force the u.s. military to bow to their wishes, he then proclaims that "their days are numbered", and for a donation of 10$ or more he will save the world from the evil radical homosexual agenda single handed  (ok, with help from his 3 staff members - not sure if he is referring to his wife and kids or if he's convinced some non-family member to come suck at the teat of fear with him).  Never mind that this email arrived at least a day after some military official made a public statement reassuring people that even if there wasn't a line in the code specifically prohibiting goat-fucking in the military, it still was not legal.  Of course it was the fact that mr. delgaudio equates consenting adult relationships between gays or lesbians to be just as bad (or worse) than goatfucking that had him up in arms - and the fact that the military no longer equates consenting adult gay or lesbian relationships to be the same thing as sexual assault on a barnyard animal.

If this man were speaking of anything other than his religion, people would have rightly suggested that he seek professional mental heath help.  paranoid delusions in the name of the lord, in this case at least, have instead prompted people to elect him to public office.  gotta make note of where that is, i want to make damn sure i don't book any shows nearby or accidentally drive thru the county.

But now, thanks to the radicals in Congress, a key regulation has been removed: Sodomy and Bestiality.
Unbelievably, the radical homosexuals made it a priority to legalize these acts for homosexuals serving in the military.
They actually consider the “right to violate animals sexually” a basic human necessity, even while serving alongside our nation’s greatest heroes.
I am just terrified of what else they have planned for our service men and women.


The Radical Homosexual Lobby is very afraid that this year will be their last in power.

Their last chance to pass their perverted agenda.

And that makes them very dangerous.  Nothing fights with more viciousness than a cornered animal.

And when you couple this fear with literally limitless funds the Homosexual Lobby has access to -- there is nothing they will not try to do to kill the Family.

sue, just think about it.  They actually repealed the military regulation forbidding soldiers from engaging in sodomy and bestiality.

If that’s their idea of “good”. . . well I simply can’t imagine what they won’t do.

My friend, as much as it pains me to say, the legalization of bestiality is not even close to being the gravest threat to our nation.

There is a virtual avalanche of destructive homosexual legislation coming down on the American Family...

...and Public Advocate is the only force in our nation that is fighting back!

tools - lyrics

gonna lay down alone with my guitar tonight.
pup on my feet yellowcat in my hair
bread in my belly the pogues in my ears
wine in my glass love in my heart.
Things go much better when I know where to start

eh. gotta brush my teeth hey where's the whiskey
i hear dropkick murphys damn it's already three
tully on my tongue   all these songs still undone
here's the thing,   i need to stop thinking
words in my head need to play with the strings

with folded hands and folded hearts some take delight
in claiming they own the one truth for our lives
climbing down from the pews to their perch on the floor
they're trying to scrub away all of the hews
from the rainbow and paint it with gore

but the sunrise this morning is yellow and red
on a slate blue sky canvas with orange overhead
red-spotted purple brushfooted butterflies
they all seem much more close to divine
I’ll  choose the palette of love every time

The kitten keeps editing all that I’m typing
So I’m picking up ginger to play a few songs
it has been a fine night of respite, recovery
and a much needed recharge and renewal.
things run much smoother when you use the right tools

copyright 2012 sue jeffers

Thursday, January 12, 2012

new threat! homos to force straights to divorce and marry a same sex spouse!

or that seems to be what the anti-gay industry would like you to believe.

PRAY that we are able to defend the Biblical definition of marriage and to retain the word “marriage” for only one man plus one woman. Pray for those in the front lines that we will glorify God through our actions, our words and our love for others. Also pray that those opposing us will be won to Jesus Christ through the Christian witness in this battle.

so the concerned women for america bleat.   it is beyond me why these people are so obsessed with things that have nothing to do with them.  if i were to marry tomorrow, it would have absolutely zero impact on any of these homohaters lives.

they would have folks believe that marriage equality would lead to the cessation of straight people having sex, and the end of the human race.  cuz, you know, betty and eve can't procreate on their own (or can they- ).

so these concerned women   will join other pro-lifers in visits to legislative offices to let them know we are there and how much life means to us. We also ask you to use that opportunity to share your views about marriage between one man and one woman. After all, life can only come forth through the union of those two genders, so please use this as a way to connect the marriage and life issues.

this casual conflation of equal rights for non-hetero populations with matters abortion (which gay men never have, or cause women to have - and that unless raped by a man lesbians would not add to ) is just one manifestation of the dearth of logical thought guiding the homohating movement.

there is such a thing as common sense! Homosexual activitys makes no sense to me at all!! It's satanically evil, perverse and filthy to mention a few. What are they trying so hard to convince me of?


saying you don't "agree with homosexuality" is like not agreeing with turnips or milk or tree bark. makes as much sense as saying you don't agree with the color blue. homosexuality, like heterosexuality is a state of being, unlike religion or political persuasions, which are ideas. you can dislike homosexuals or milk or sunshine, but it is a bit ridiculous to speak of agreeing or disagreeing with any of them.



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Poe's law quiz - is this a crazy person or just play one online

Question for the day - Is this a parody or a homohater?   what do you think

found online somewheres........

"What in the world did you expect when they got their foot in the door? Homosexuals are sounding more and more like Muslims. Their way is the only way. I mean for pete sakes you give them an inch and they will take a mile. That is what is going to happen when you keep giving in to these homosexuals demands. First they say they just want to be recognized and have the same rights as hetrosexuals do; then the next thing you know they wanted to have same-sex marriages; then they wanted to be mrried in a church; Then they wanted to be recognized in the military; then they want to be able to have health insurance to cover their other; now they want the schools to teach our children about their immoral ways; now in schools they want to have the restrooms where either child can use together; What does this look like to you? Looks like to me that they are dominating America; just like the Athesits want; just like the Muslims want. So where are you, homosexuals going to draw the line at of taking, taking, and taking from the American? When are you Homosexuals going to grow up and realize that you can't have everything the way that you want it? When are you Homosexuals going to quit boo hooin just so you can get your own way? Why don't you just be satisfied with what you do have right now and leave it at that? Why do you feel that it is necessary to dominate the whole wide world? I mean all of your demands are full of nothing but hatred for others to live here; your immoral ways are teaching children the wrong values and morals, which you homosexuals don't have. We are to live God's way, on God's land, by God's law. You homosexuals have taken everything that God created and turned it into a ring of immorality. God will have His say on judgement day."