Saturday, March 25, 2006

tongue speaking senators

oh god help us - whichever deity, force of nature or whatever source of strength one may draw upon. got somewhat off track following links to other links etc. tonight and wandered into a scary little world of mentally unhinged charismatic preachers who brag of access to lawmakers and warmakers. now the one fellow does also brag of routinely raising people from the dead , being levitated in his bed, healing people of all manner of physical damage and illness. oh, and his young child apparently can make people fly by waving a rag at them. frequently throughout his rambling account of his accomplishments, he would yell out "holy ghost", or a line of gibberish . sometimes hopping up and down and making noises like cleveland brown's fans barking at a game.
so, just because he claims he's spoken at the pentagon and to the congress and that he is welcome at the whitehouse isn't necessarily to be taken as the 'gospel truth'. but he claims that there are groups of 'tongue speaking ' lawmakers that get together - perhaps this explains the patriot act, energy policy, the recent immigration "reform" bill, etc.

also god seems to have annointed him to live his wife's life for her, and remarked at the beginning of one of his rambling speeches that he woulda brought his wife along but she had to stay home to plan their daughter's wedding. after which he said she probably didn't understand why, but who cares, not him.

oh no! the devil is in my computer - the video from last year's marysville WA appearance is distorted and cutting in and out. must be another case , as he spoke of in the last performance i scanned, of demons attacking him and his message. and just when he was getting into his story of being in pakistan because the people there wanted him to leave with them the ability to raise the dead. holy ghost holy ghost.
oh those demons - they released me from the terribly unpleasant blahblahblah from this self absorbed arrogant delusional twit.
-- "you better fake somethin if you don't have nothin just so you can get touched"