Wednesday, September 21, 2005

2 unlawful combattant foriegn fighers captured in Iraq - UK forces attack prison to un-arrest them

Two foriegn fighters and unlawful combattants from the UK were arrested by Iraqi police , prompting their fellow foriegn fighters from the UK to stage a prison break.
Defense Minister John Reid claimed "What we do know is that under the law they should have been handed back to the British forces". He didn't say under which law a "soveriegn" government must return unlawful combattants who have been captured to the battlefield, and Rummy and Co. may take issue with the notion.

for a coalition speak version of the story,,2763,1574668,00.html
.....As examples, the pamphlet mentions civilians who engage in war without authorization; non-combat members of the military, such as medics or chaplains, who engage in combat; and soldiers who fight out of uniform. In the Second World War, the United States captured eight German saboteurs who were out of uniform and executed six of them.