Saturday, March 25, 2006

tongue speaking senators

oh god help us - whichever deity, force of nature or whatever source of strength one may draw upon. got somewhat off track following links to other links etc. tonight and wandered into a scary little world of mentally unhinged charismatic preachers who brag of access to lawmakers and warmakers. now the one fellow does also brag of routinely raising people from the dead , being levitated in his bed, healing people of all manner of physical damage and illness. oh, and his young child apparently can make people fly by waving a rag at them. frequently throughout his rambling account of his accomplishments, he would yell out "holy ghost", or a line of gibberish . sometimes hopping up and down and making noises like cleveland brown's fans barking at a game.
so, just because he claims he's spoken at the pentagon and to the congress and that he is welcome at the whitehouse isn't necessarily to be taken as the 'gospel truth'. but he claims that there are groups of 'tongue speaking ' lawmakers that get together - perhaps this explains the patriot act, energy policy, the recent immigration "reform" bill, etc.

also god seems to have annointed him to live his wife's life for her, and remarked at the beginning of one of his rambling speeches that he woulda brought his wife along but she had to stay home to plan their daughter's wedding. after which he said she probably didn't understand why, but who cares, not him.

oh no! the devil is in my computer - the video from last year's marysville WA appearance is distorted and cutting in and out. must be another case , as he spoke of in the last performance i scanned, of demons attacking him and his message. and just when he was getting into his story of being in pakistan because the people there wanted him to leave with them the ability to raise the dead. holy ghost holy ghost.
oh those demons - they released me from the terribly unpleasant blahblahblah from this self absorbed arrogant delusional twit.
-- "you better fake somethin if you don't have nothin just so you can get touched"

Friday, March 24, 2006 - update

it was called to my attention that now the fellow who specializes in publishing the personal information , home addresses, work place, and sometimes home addresses of close relatives of people he doesn't agree with, along with not so veiled incitements to violence against them - is using a private registrant for his internic info.

so , is the creation of David Meyer
36 Montceau Dr
Newark, DE 19702
He works at Big Dog K-9 ,
Tel: 302-266-8083
Cel: 302-236-6588

which is not the art dept. fellow at the university

my suggestion would be, do not approach. if you're walking your dog in the area, cross the street lest he may feel you are one of those people should be "stopped" and decides its time to "make history"

from his site:

"This is a call to action! These anti-American liberals
are dangerous people and need to be stopped!
One person can make a big difference!!!

There are those that read about history.

There are those that make history.

Which one do you want to be?
These people and organizations are Enemies of Freedom,
the American people, and the American way of life!!!
Each and every one should be considered a:
"Target of Opportunity"! "

the hit site is at least temporarily down,
possibly the hosting company had a problem with the content violating their terms of service agreement, which includes
Defamatory or Abusive Language by using our network as a means to distribute, transmit, facilitate or post defamatory, harassing, abusive or threatening language or anything that a reasonable person would regard as hate speech or literature. This includes language or other activity that significantly prejudices, creates a hostile bias, or grossly defames a class of individuals.

i would imagine that david will just move to another server til they realize that it violates their legal terms also. but companies do frown upon people using their server space to encourage people to eradicate other humans and providing information on how to find them -(even if they are liberals) .

Friday, March 03, 2006

fire the bastards

every day there are more bastards refusing to account for their criminal activities on the grounds of "national security" or some other spurious claim, supposedly to protect the unique "democracy" or "freedom" reserved for some priviledged segment of the u.s. society. this is all done with no sense of disconnect, that if this really is a system "of the people, by the people, for the people" etc. the PEOPLE are the employers, those in the government are their employees. again, in a sane world, if an employee would tell their boss to piss off, what is done in the employers name is none of their business, and if there are any more questions the employer will be harrassed or kidnapped, chances are pretty good that employee would be looking for a new position.

a recent idiocy from the bush is that we, as their employers shouldn't be upset at them for violating us, they will continue violating us, but instead of worrying about being violated, we should be upset at whoever let us know what was happening.
the notion that the "bad guys" don't assume that the spooks are trying to figure out what they are doing is ludicrous.
national security is used as an excuse all the time as a cover for simply embasarassing or illegal activities, trying to scare folks into submission.

one cannot protect something by destroying it.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Homophobic Telemarketing Strikes Again

I hadn't heard of these folks before, but got an email from a friend last night - seems they've been harrassing folks for fun and profit for some time now. an autotelemarketer asks for you to press 1 if you want to stop same sex marriage, if you press 1 your sent to United American Technologies so they can sell you phone service. Profits are then used to fund various right wing agendas, like convincing people that god hates fags.

if anyone wants to call and help keep their staff busy fielding questions instead of making outgoing calls, the number is below.

another writeup on the folks can be found

message from a friend...

Dear Friends,

I was very upset when I came home this evening to find an anti-gay
message on my answering machine. The message included lies about gay
people and said that same-sex marriage will destroy the family. The
message said, "If you want to stop same-sex marriage, press 1!" I
waited for the message to end, and then I pressed star 69 to get the
number. It was 877-266-6277. I called the number back, and the
people said, "National Organization to Stop Same-Sex Marriage." I
told them what I thought. One man told me that according to the
Bible, God hates gays. I told him that I do not want this bigoted
group calling my home ever again.

I am so upset by this, I am still shaking. I would urge people to
phone the number and tell these people what you think, but that's
entirely up to you. Perhaps it's better to ignore them. I don't know
if they are Fred Phelps' group or not. But it was awful to hear this
message in my home.
We have tracked down the group that left the anti-gay message on my
answering machine. They are a phone and internet company that
markets to conservative "Christians" and gives money to right-wing
political candidates. They are called United American Technologies.
When you go to the news page on their website, you get the picture:

This is "Christian" marketing with an anti-gay focus. What a
caring "Christian" thing to do.......make profit and raise money for
right-wing candidates by attacking a minority group and appealing to
people's prejudice. I'm sure Jesus would be thrilled.

This company is not just anti-gay; they fund the right-wing
politicians that we are working against.

another writeup on the folks can be found