Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dumbass on parade

funny, someone stopped by a 6 year old posting to leave the one and only comment on the article. as one would expect , it was typical of comments left on seemingly dead articles. I suspect it was the douchebag that maintains the ridiculous 'target of opportunity' site, which suggests that some brave fellow douchebag make history and get rid of a lib or two that he has listed on his site.
I love how he uses the word "froth" - i wonder if he is a santorum fan.
"I love how liberals just froth at the mouth when your own tactics are used against you. Do the country a favor and slit your own wrist. Moderate that!!!

i don't know any "liberal" site that suggests that their followers murder their fellow americans, but especially in the context of when the website was created, that is in deed what david is doing.

"This is a call to action! These anti-American liberals are dangerous people and need to be stopped! One person can make a big difference!!! There are those that read about history.
There are those that make history. Which one do you want to be?
These people and organizations are Enemies of Freedom, the American people, and the American way of life!!! Each and every one should be considered a:
"Target of Opportunity"! "

but i guess he doesn't want to be that one person that makes history and takes matters into his own hands and takes care of some of these people he disagrees with. his speed is a little less historical, actually just downright silly - like stealing the identity of a lawyer who he doesn't like to make a fake profile on amazon with the sole action taken being writing fake reviews of my cd's. even in those reviews, he comes off sounding ridiculous - saying how much he hated the first cd - so much that he bought a second, then a third.....

anyway, now i remembered i had this blog and perhaps will start writing in it again. i had dropped it when google took over.

i wonder if it was this idiot that hacked my music site earlier this year - i don't know any other dumbass right wing people who even know that i have a website, let alone care enough to take the time to deface the front page. twas a terribly amateurish defacing, about his speed.