Thursday, January 24, 2008

crimes against humanity

so, 1.5 million people are under siege in Gaza and cnn wants to know what you think of ms. spears. those who are covering Israel's gross violations of international law are focusing on people escaping into egypt , not the reasons they are desperate to do so. msnbc seems to suggest that people were jonesing for a smoke... "The closures, which were tightened after Hamas seized control of Gaza by force in June, have led to severe shortages of cement, cigarette and other basic goods."

the fact that Hamas won a clear majority in the palestinian parliment two years ago has been thrown down the memory hole. now they are simply 'the militant group' that seized control of gaza. nothing new that elections are only "valid" if the u.s. administration approves of those who win. (i.e. allende in chile, who's assassination brought in war criminal mass murderer pinochet,
Mohammed Mossadegh in iran , the sandanista government in nicaragua -with raygun's contras murdering and disappearing tens of thousands of nicaraguans, etc.)

even if there had been no election, occupying forces have obligations under international law to provide for those they are occupying. cutting off supplies of food, water, electricity and other basic infrastructure requirements to a civilian population is illegal as well as immoral. collective punishment is also a breach of international law. assassination is also frowned upon, as well as killing civilians. one and a half million people have been put in a cage, where they are frequently bombed, shot at, and kidnapped.

but hey, what do you think about that brittney spears?

For more information on human rights, and lack there of in the occupied territories,
B'TSELEM - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories