Friday, March 03, 2006

fire the bastards

every day there are more bastards refusing to account for their criminal activities on the grounds of "national security" or some other spurious claim, supposedly to protect the unique "democracy" or "freedom" reserved for some priviledged segment of the u.s. society. this is all done with no sense of disconnect, that if this really is a system "of the people, by the people, for the people" etc. the PEOPLE are the employers, those in the government are their employees. again, in a sane world, if an employee would tell their boss to piss off, what is done in the employers name is none of their business, and if there are any more questions the employer will be harrassed or kidnapped, chances are pretty good that employee would be looking for a new position.

a recent idiocy from the bush is that we, as their employers shouldn't be upset at them for violating us, they will continue violating us, but instead of worrying about being violated, we should be upset at whoever let us know what was happening.
the notion that the "bad guys" don't assume that the spooks are trying to figure out what they are doing is ludicrous.
national security is used as an excuse all the time as a cover for simply embasarassing or illegal activities, trying to scare folks into submission.

one cannot protect something by destroying it.

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