Friday, January 13, 2012

who the hell is eugene delgaudio and what mental facility is he residing in?

i have been getting emails for a bit now from an unhinged homohater with delusions of grandeur and a persecution complex.  i'm not sure how i got on the list, but it has been an interesting slew of paranoia laced anti-gay rants attached to the ever present fundraising pleas.

following a claim that obama was going to denounce him personally (somehow proving how important it is you send him money) the latest email proclaims that the dirty homos forced the military to change the rules so they can bugger the local livestock.   following the assertion that the "radical homosexual lobby" is so powerful it can force the u.s. military to bow to their wishes, he then proclaims that "their days are numbered", and for a donation of 10$ or more he will save the world from the evil radical homosexual agenda single handed  (ok, with help from his 3 staff members - not sure if he is referring to his wife and kids or if he's convinced some non-family member to come suck at the teat of fear with him).  Never mind that this email arrived at least a day after some military official made a public statement reassuring people that even if there wasn't a line in the code specifically prohibiting goat-fucking in the military, it still was not legal.  Of course it was the fact that mr. delgaudio equates consenting adult relationships between gays or lesbians to be just as bad (or worse) than goatfucking that had him up in arms - and the fact that the military no longer equates consenting adult gay or lesbian relationships to be the same thing as sexual assault on a barnyard animal.

If this man were speaking of anything other than his religion, people would have rightly suggested that he seek professional mental heath help.  paranoid delusions in the name of the lord, in this case at least, have instead prompted people to elect him to public office.  gotta make note of where that is, i want to make damn sure i don't book any shows nearby or accidentally drive thru the county.

But now, thanks to the radicals in Congress, a key regulation has been removed: Sodomy and Bestiality.
Unbelievably, the radical homosexuals made it a priority to legalize these acts for homosexuals serving in the military.
They actually consider the “right to violate animals sexually” a basic human necessity, even while serving alongside our nation’s greatest heroes.
I am just terrified of what else they have planned for our service men and women.


The Radical Homosexual Lobby is very afraid that this year will be their last in power.

Their last chance to pass their perverted agenda.

And that makes them very dangerous.  Nothing fights with more viciousness than a cornered animal.

And when you couple this fear with literally limitless funds the Homosexual Lobby has access to -- there is nothing they will not try to do to kill the Family.

sue, just think about it.  They actually repealed the military regulation forbidding soldiers from engaging in sodomy and bestiality.

If that’s their idea of “good”. . . well I simply can’t imagine what they won’t do.

My friend, as much as it pains me to say, the legalization of bestiality is not even close to being the gravest threat to our nation.

There is a virtual avalanche of destructive homosexual legislation coming down on the American Family...

...and Public Advocate is the only force in our nation that is fighting back!

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