Friday, January 13, 2012

tools - lyrics

gonna lay down alone with my guitar tonight.
pup on my feet yellowcat in my hair
bread in my belly the pogues in my ears
wine in my glass love in my heart.
Things go much better when I know where to start

eh. gotta brush my teeth hey where's the whiskey
i hear dropkick murphys damn it's already three
tully on my tongue   all these songs still undone
here's the thing,   i need to stop thinking
words in my head need to play with the strings

with folded hands and folded hearts some take delight
in claiming they own the one truth for our lives
climbing down from the pews to their perch on the floor
they're trying to scrub away all of the hews
from the rainbow and paint it with gore

but the sunrise this morning is yellow and red
on a slate blue sky canvas with orange overhead
red-spotted purple brushfooted butterflies
they all seem much more close to divine
I’ll  choose the palette of love every time

The kitten keeps editing all that I’m typing
So I’m picking up ginger to play a few songs
it has been a fine night of respite, recovery
and a much needed recharge and renewal.
things run much smoother when you use the right tools

copyright 2012 sue jeffers

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