Thursday, January 12, 2012

new threat! homos to force straights to divorce and marry a same sex spouse!

or that seems to be what the anti-gay industry would like you to believe.

PRAY that we are able to defend the Biblical definition of marriage and to retain the word “marriage” for only one man plus one woman. Pray for those in the front lines that we will glorify God through our actions, our words and our love for others. Also pray that those opposing us will be won to Jesus Christ through the Christian witness in this battle.

so the concerned women for america bleat.   it is beyond me why these people are so obsessed with things that have nothing to do with them.  if i were to marry tomorrow, it would have absolutely zero impact on any of these homohaters lives.

they would have folks believe that marriage equality would lead to the cessation of straight people having sex, and the end of the human race.  cuz, you know, betty and eve can't procreate on their own (or can they- ).

so these concerned women   will join other pro-lifers in visits to legislative offices to let them know we are there and how much life means to us. We also ask you to use that opportunity to share your views about marriage between one man and one woman. After all, life can only come forth through the union of those two genders, so please use this as a way to connect the marriage and life issues.

this casual conflation of equal rights for non-hetero populations with matters abortion (which gay men never have, or cause women to have - and that unless raped by a man lesbians would not add to ) is just one manifestation of the dearth of logical thought guiding the homohating movement.

there is such a thing as common sense! Homosexual activitys makes no sense to me at all!! It's satanically evil, perverse and filthy to mention a few. What are they trying so hard to convince me of?


saying you don't "agree with homosexuality" is like not agreeing with turnips or milk or tree bark. makes as much sense as saying you don't agree with the color blue. homosexuality, like heterosexuality is a state of being, unlike religion or political persuasions, which are ideas. you can dislike homosexuals or milk or sunshine, but it is a bit ridiculous to speak of agreeing or disagreeing with any of them.



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