Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Poe's law quiz - is this a crazy person or just play one online

Question for the day - Is this a parody or a homohater?   what do you think

found online somewheres........

"What in the world did you expect when they got their foot in the door? Homosexuals are sounding more and more like Muslims. Their way is the only way. I mean for pete sakes you give them an inch and they will take a mile. That is what is going to happen when you keep giving in to these homosexuals demands. First they say they just want to be recognized and have the same rights as hetrosexuals do; then the next thing you know they wanted to have same-sex marriages; then they wanted to be mrried in a church; Then they wanted to be recognized in the military; then they want to be able to have health insurance to cover their other; now they want the schools to teach our children about their immoral ways; now in schools they want to have the restrooms where either child can use together; What does this look like to you? Looks like to me that they are dominating America; just like the Athesits want; just like the Muslims want. So where are you, homosexuals going to draw the line at of taking, taking, and taking from the American? When are you Homosexuals going to grow up and realize that you can't have everything the way that you want it? When are you Homosexuals going to quit boo hooin just so you can get your own way? Why don't you just be satisfied with what you do have right now and leave it at that? Why do you feel that it is necessary to dominate the whole wide world? I mean all of your demands are full of nothing but hatred for others to live here; your immoral ways are teaching children the wrong values and morals, which you homosexuals don't have. We are to live God's way, on God's land, by God's law. You homosexuals have taken everything that God created and turned it into a ring of immorality. God will have His say on judgement day."

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