Wednesday, November 17, 2004


back from a weekend of no t.v. or radio in the catskills, hanging out with a bunch of left to radical musicians (not assuming everyone there shared the same politics, just the ones i spent time with). was invited to move up to boston, friendly blue country that hasn't legislated discrimination into their state constitution. had 7 hours on the way back to catch up on the "news".

same folks who were screaming last year that Iraq was guilty of war crimes for showing U.S. prisoners of war on t.v. are now excusing the televised shooting of a prone wounded unarmed prisoner of war in the head, claiming that the U.S. has no obligation to follow any international law.

heard one idiot today saying even if as "the liberal media wants us to believe, which i don't" and the guy that got shot was innocent and all, that makes the score one for us, 3,000 for them. apparently suggesting once again that the population of Iraq should be subject to collective punishment for the deaths in the world trade center, somehow suggesting that this is the first Iraqi killed by the U.S., and using the argument that 'everything changed after 9-11' to mean that any conceivable atrocity commited by U.S. forces is allowed, even encouraged to exact revenge.

it has been the common theme from the right , willful ignorance of reality coupled with a maniacal lust for new corpses and an abscence of any moral code of conduct for the soldiers of god.

after all, these horrible people aren't part of a standing army, and don't necessarily have uniforms . it passed pretty much unnoticed when the cia spook running the 'interim government' in Iraq boasted of a succesful police operation in which the Iraqi forces posed as civilians in order to suprise, kidnap and kill the evil doers.

now the estimates for civilian dead in Fallujah- conservative estimates, not counting those who may be buried beneath the rubble that once was their home - is 800.

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