Friday, November 05, 2004


The Liberation Continues...
the occupying forces in Iraq sealed off all roads to the city of Falluja on Friday, and told civilians to get the fuck out - we're going to destroy the place. while telling people to get out of dodge, they also announced their intention to kidnap any male under the age of 45 that tried to comply with their orders.
While forcing 300,000 people to flee their homes or face a violent death may be considered a bad thing to do if done in Yugoslavia - the U.S. appointed yes man in Iraq puts the whole thing in perspective. "We intend to liberate the people and bring the rule of law" to the city, Allawi said.

Collateral Damage On the Home Front

<>Perhaps preparing for upcoming battle in Iraq, New Jersey Air National Guard strafe a school building in New Jersey. The F-16 shot 25 rounds into the roof and parking lot of the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School Wednesday night. Since it happened in the U.S. and not Iraq, officials are trying to figure out what the hell happened.

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