Friday, June 02, 2006

laura bush answer to aids - better reading comprehension skills

In remarks to the recent UN meeting on HIV AIDS , Laura Bush defended the US blocking of key proposals for fighting aids. the fundamentalists in the US have joined with their muslim counterparts in being more worried concerned with (en)forcing thier own concept of religious purity than saving lives.

She told the assembly -"All people need to know how AIDS is transmitted, and every country has an obligation to educate its citizens. This is why every country must also improve literacy, especially for women and girls, so that they can make wise choices that will keep them healthy and safe."
But, while the US wants to educate people about "the ABC's" - Abstain, Be Faithful & Use Condoms, they reportedly pushed for the removal of phrases like "sex workers" or "men who have sex with men" from conference documents, preferring to refer to "vulnerable groups" instead. NYTimes
Sounds like it could be a bit on the Colbert Report, All You Need to Know is.....

From the Mail & Guardian
Hilary Benn, Britain's international development secretary, who flew to New York last night and will address the UN general assembly today, distanced himself from the US approach.

He said: "We have to take action on the evidence of what works, on what saves people's lives, and not on ideology. That means making condoms available and reducing harm to people at risk: injecting drug-users, sex workers and men having sex with men."

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  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I'm embarassed that Laura Bush represents my country. She pronounced the word ENVOY as "IN-voy"" on national TV last night. She downplayed the effectiveness of condoms against the spread of AIDS as well (may have been alittle man-bashing in doing so).

    I was almost thankful that the Scooter news got her the heck off my screen. I said ALMOST.

    Please, can we not let her or her husband speak in public again?