Tuesday, August 08, 2006

heinous actions

heinous: hatefully or shockingly evil

so. now instead of dropping leaflets telling hundreds of thousands of people to leave their houses because they would be destroyed and then killing people as they left as the leaflets suggested - folks are told they better not dare drive a car to get away. more killing those who either were unable to leave or chose to stay because they felt that being part of the human family they were no less entitled to the protections of international law than those attacking them.

telling people to leave an area or be killed is not a legal or morally valid strategy, if resistance fighters from the occupied territories did the same i can't imagine anyone would imagine that made it acceptable to destroy major population centers in israel. hey - didn't al queda announce that the whole globe is a free fire zone? if we apply the same logic that israel is using , if we don't leave the planet we are legitimate targets, and hey, even if we do leave we are legitimate targets even while flying white flags and trying to get out as ordered.

what is going on couldn't continue without u.s. financial military and political support and the murderous powermongers in the US aren't trying to gloss over their bloodlust. calling the slaughter "birth pangs" of a new middle east or an opportunity.

my tax dollars are helping to pay for the gunships, missiles, ammunition, the killing of over 1000 people, destroying civilian infrastructure including power stations - transportation systems - cutting off all routes for aid, and hey, if aid shipments make their way in, bombing the aid trucks.

human rights watch -indiscriminate attacks against civilians in lebanon

WAR CRIMES are war crimes - doesn't matter who commits them. and gee- two wrongs don't make a right.

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