Tuesday, July 16, 2013

because being disagreed with is just like genocide

So, someone over at the anglican (sic)mainstream website feels so put upon by having to put up with people they think are icky being issued civil marriage licenses, that they are sure it is just like millions being slaughtered in a genocidal fascist campaign.  They were crass enough to set martin niemoller's quote below a heading - "to think about ssm, july 2013'.

These are the same folks who say to "approach" homosexuality as a rebellion against god, against humanity, and that people with "homosexual feelings" should be shamed into realizing how hideous and satan inspired they are, and to be coerced and derided into "overcoming" it.   Who sent the prime minister a letter including the regnerus study, claiming it proved how bad homos are for children. 

So of course - as the final steps towards extending equality in marriage law in great britain are being taken, those who are used to being catered to are screaming about no longer being granted preference over "those kind of people".  They are new to this non-entitled reality, and seem to lack the language appropriate to describing their new, and apparently confusing, situation.  As a public service, I have custom tailored a more appropriate catch phrase for the movement:

First they disagreed with the British National Party, and i did not speak out because i was not a member of their group.  then they derided the policies of the National Front, and i joined in, as i belonged to a rival party.  then they looked askance at the new british union, and i did not speak out cuz they had that mormon working for them.  Then they laughed at me and told me i couldn't have my way!  and there was no one left to feel sorry for me.
Because people disagreeing with you, especially when you feel entitled to be catered to, is exactly like a genocide.  right. 

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