Friday, July 19, 2013

why does the illinois "family" institute hate adopted kids and their parents?

So. Now god hates adoptive parents. The ill-named Illinois "Family" Organization wants you to know that, and also, adoption is a form of child abuse. Any time a child is "intentionally deprived its biological mother or father", it is dooming that child to substandard results, and is the act of a selfish adult. It is a newly discovered outrage, now that they are aware of the FACT that families headed by non-heterosexual couples exist. Along with some other, um, interesting concepts - the outraged author asks - Does the Constitution prohibit citizens from having their religious beliefs shape their political decisions? This question is not simply implying that the fact they are losing politically means they are being repressed - it also is a demand that this particular gang of evangelical christians be exempt from sanction if they claim religious motivation for any crime they may commit. Sounds ridiculous, but in california, their political cousins are attempting to raise enough signatures to put language on the ballot to make it legal to bash a sodomite for jesus. they don't like fornicators or furriers either. What the author is saying is that religious freedom means he is free to do whatever he wants, so long as he blames it on his religion.

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