Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dr Sues Talking Fracking Blues

We are here from oklahoma to frack up your town
to poison your water, shake up your ground
buy up you statehouses, and EPA , news
the attorney general and governor too
and write laws that say
you can't know what we do

we're chesapeake.
thanks for inviting us in!

what's in the water? Don't worry your head
chances are good that you won't end up dead til
our profit's been made and we've
pulled up the stakes
left you with land that our work has disgraced
left you with underground toxified lakes
olympic sized
environmentally friendly!
And perfectly safe to drink.

car-cin-o-gens and some mutagens too
and more that we just don't know what they will do
all mixed together and floating about
shoved underground, well, until it comes out
no realtor will touch it, it won't pass inspection
the banks that we own will not give grant an exception
but the profits we make
mmm, it's enough to give us all an erection
and there's still some left over to buy the election

what's in the water? Do you still persist?
It would damage our image to give you a list
we will tell a few if you're going to insist
listen closely
it's balderdash
a little thing we like to call public relations

tetramethyl ammonium chloride is one
and napthalene. Napthalene always is fun
and a lot of these chemicals are found in your house
and just like the poison you put down for the mouse
you always drink everything found on your shelves
ammonium persulfate is good for your health

petroleum distillate, hydrotreated lite
you may well be having with dinner tonight
we'll frack up your farmland and frack up your woods
and all that complaining will do you no good
cuz we've bought up you statehouses, the EPA ,news
the attorney general and governor too
and write laws that say
you can't know what we do
and you can't talk about it if we've done it to you

we'll lie and we'll lie and we'll lie and we'll lie
and your dr can't tell you what's making you die
five million gallons of water per frack
and we frack it so hard that there's no coming back
but we'll say its all the same
just like field irrigation
yeah, its just like watering the golf course

5 million gallons of water thats ruined
we'll conflate with the water new yorkers consume
in 8 minutes time and just hope that its clean
instead of being mixed up with Toluene
it's balderdash
it's marketing! Xylene, it's whats for dinner

come on down
we're here to create the "jobs of the future" for you frakin community! Yes, we're creating a demand, spurring new growth in exciting fields! You can never have enough radiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, undertakers, toxic remediation teams. How would you fancy running a  water bottling company?  opportunities are endless!   fire fighters for those emergency times when you try to use that thing that used to turn on the water- what was that again? A faucet?. We're helping make nebulizers and asthma medication a growth industry – our stockholders will thank us. And finally we are leading the way in spurring new growth in the construction industry. You're welcome for the earthquakes. This has been a public service announcement. With mandolin.

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