Monday, April 25, 2005

Meyer's Web Hit List - Calls for "eradication of liberals"

So, there's another one of those right wing websites listing names, pictures and addresses of people this asshole considers worthy of what they refer to as "eradication" . Never does explicitly use the words "shoot in the head" or "stab in the neck" , but is clearly a call by some wacko too scared to list his location (see below) for their readers to cause bodily harm or death to those listed on the site.

Being the concerned citizen i am, i'm waiting to hear back from the FBI tip line folks on what they think of this site. Of course, from their past history, this person could already be on the FBI payroll.

Anyway, the site is registered to:

D. Meyer
PO Box 7306
Newark, DE 19711
phone - (706) 829-3156 , *this cell phone listed under Kenneth Meyer of Augusta GA
Unlike the author of the website, i will not list the parents address.

There is a link to the protest warriors on this wonderful site, there is a Leah Meyer listed as a member of the University of Deleware Chapter - Newark DE, . Maybe Leah knows D.

Some advice for ? Meyer, most likely child of kenneth. I realize adjusting to college life can be hard sometimes.
Here is a list of therapists and psychologists in the Newark DE area.

For when you go home, here are some listings for Augusta GA,+GA&sa=X&oi=localr

get some help.


This a call to action! These anti-American liberals are dangerous people and need to be stopped! One person can make a big difference!!!

There are those that read about history

There are those that make history

Which one do you want to be?
These people and organizations are without a doubt a Enemies of Freedom, the American people, and the American way of life!!! Each and every one should be considered a:
"Target of Opportunity"!


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I just took a look at the website and I it is pretty amazing. While it was somewhat "questionable", I did not see anything that was inaccurate. Pretty much all that is done is a listing of quotes from most of the left that is attainable from sources online.

  2. Anonymous8:02 PM

    That is pretty irresponsible of you to associate two people you profess to know nothing about. "Maybe Leah knows D". Do a google search and you will find a Professor D. Meyer at the University of Delaware.

    Are you a member of the Protest Warriors? I tried to look it up and you have to be a member to access the list of members. What does that say about you?

  3. Gee whiz. a person excited enough to comment - twice in one day!!
    From Mr. Anonymous - what, no home address or phone - where's the photo so your fans can identify you ?

    Hmm. from IP , -the idea seems to be- so long as you use quotes found online its ok (or perhaps even amazing) to then call for the "eradication" of the one being quoted.

    From - (must be a coincidence) IP
    The irresponsible thing Mr. Anonymous spotted (after perusing the 'amazing' but 'accurate' encitement to murder earlier in the day) is my wondering if 2 people attending the same school with the same last name know each other. Perhaps it would have been more responsible to post their photos and parents address and suggest they be eradicated.

    As to the access to PW information - what does it say about me? um, not that i'm asking folks to "take action" and be part of history by "eradicating" people i don't like.
    Maybe it means i have access to the PW website that you would rather i didn't.

  4. Yeah, I've had the dishonor of running accross the coward. Proud to say he seems upset w/me. Perhaps, if you have the resource to discover which provideer he uses,we could aall file complaints to erradicate his message of hate.