Monday, February 24, 2014

flaunting yer ignorance

flauntingignorance Some dude:

When I was young and dumb and in college, the homo propaganda pushed for civil unions so people could be with their partners. I fell for the line, believe the sob story of death bed hospital room admittance, etc. The gay propaganda at the time always stressed, "We don't want marriage, just a vehicle to make sure our loved ones (i.e. partners) aren't left out." When, they got their civil unions they went straight for marriage. Now, it's not enough that they have marriage, but they want to force people to take part against their beliefs.   I hope a lot of Christian-owned or photographers, bakers, limo companies suddenly develop a severe case of scheduling conflicts when these sorts of ceremonies arise.

Exactly. There were already methods for them to be admitted to hospital rooms, control burial arrangements, and manage their     inheritance. They are called powers of attorney, wills, and trusts. Demand marriage be     redefined to solve those problems is akin to     demanding a ban on nails simply because some people are too cheap, dumb, ignorant, or in denial to buy or borrow a hammer.

yes. how dare "they" expect to have access to all the rights and privileges of citizenship as you do! the audacity of "those folks!"
I used to think exactly like that, but as time progressed the realization that homos (the activists, at least) don't ask for tolerance, but demand approval began to weigh quite heavily.


well, you don't have to make guesses or assumptions. as one of those activists, rights and privileges of citizenship that you demand for yourself are the goal. If by approval you mean having to accept the reality that gays and lesbians are, in fact, married (not gay married, just married) under the law. don't have to like it, don't have to go to your cousin's wedding, you can complain, etc. - but you cannot create your own private reality in which you privately divorce legally married couples (and expect anyone but yourself to live in it) , nor flaunt any laws (without consequence) that govern that legal contract.
Flaunting any laws? Did they pick up a copy of the statute and wave it someone's face?
The other day you decided to another commenters by saying he (she?) did not know the meaning of words. Before doing that again, you might want to learn the difference between flaunt and flout.
I for one intend to flout those who flaunt their ignorance.
            : to show (something) in a very open way so that other people will notice
            : to show a lack of respect for (something, such as a rule)
              transitive verb
            : to treat contemptuously (flaunted the rules)

            sorry. nice try but no cigar

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